What Do You Use the Internet For?

At Zona, we are excited to offer you the most advanced broadband technology in the world via Fiber to the Home. This Next-Generation technology allows us to deliver you the best online experience. Whether you casually surf the Internet, stream video, run a home-based business, or need the fastest Internet speeds for online gaming, you can be assured that our tiers will provide you with the best experience.

*Price good for 12 months. Free Installation when you commit to a 1 year agreement (a $100 value). Offer applies to new lines of service.

Terms, Conditions and Limitations apply. See below for details.

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Comparing our prices with Cox?

When you compare our Internet prices with Cox Communications you may notice that we are priced the same. However, not only do we give you faster speeds than Cox but here a few things to keep in mind:

  • Fiber to the Home gives you high speed Internet; cable makes you share your bandwidth with your neighbors.
  • Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, we really care about our customers. You will find that our customer service is unlike any other Internet provider.

Terms, Conditions & Limitations »

Website Terms and Conditions

Internet and Telephone Rates

Advertised rate includes monthly recurring service fees. Additional jacks, inside wiring, reconnection, activation, taxes, and surcharges are additional. Additional fees and other restrictions may apply.

Free Installation

Free installation applies only to new Zona customers who make a 12 month commitment for Internet or telephone service. Customers who disconnect before the 12 month period will be charged a 12 month prorated installation charge of $100.00. DIRECTV early termination fees are separate. Installation fees may apply to services rendered outside a normal installation and will be determined by Zona Communications.

Download and Upload Speeds

Upload and download speeds recorded at speed test servers only account for file data passed between your computer and the speed test server. They do not account for the overhead required to route that file data. Overhead typically amounts to about 15% of the total, so if a customer has a 20Mb/s connection, the download speed would optimally be 17Mb/s, a 10Mb/s connection should yield about 8.5Mb/s. Each network device connected to your Internet connection will have the effect of slowing the speed. This includes routers, switches, wireless access points, etc. All of these devices process and buffer data as it passes through them, resulting in lower speeds. The individual desktop/laptop being used to run the speed test will also affect the results. If the device has a slow processor, limited memory(see Insufficient Amount of RAM or Damaged RAM) or has several processes running at the time of the test results will be slower. It also must be taken into account that most websites have an intermediate storage capacity guarantying its operation, thus slowing down its speed access.