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The first thing you need to know is that streaming is different from downloading. When you download media (such as a past episode of a TV show), it stores the file on your device and you can access it online or offline. When you stream media, the file remains in its original location and you access it over your internet connection. You can enjoy streamed media immediately, with no download time.

Like cable TV services, streaming services can give you access to live TV channels presented in real time. The difference is that streaming services bring the channels to you via an app over your internet connection rather than through cable.

No matter what streaming app or device you use to display the content, you will not have a great experience if your internet connection is too slow or unreliable. Make sure you have a Fiberto-the-Home internet connection from Zona to maximize your streaming enjoyment.

Think about which channels you now watch most often, then pick the streaming app that offers those channels. Ask for a copy of Zona’s Streaming App Comparison Guide to help with this process.

Streaming device examples include Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and more. These devices help access the streaming apps quickly and easily and keeps them all in one place. Because they are built to be a streaming app manager, the possessors are designed to quickly search for and download the apps of your choice. The device managers also receive software updates daily, keeping you up to date on all the latest apps available and with the latest features.

You may have a “smart” TV. Your Smart TV can function as its own streaming device manager. It may have preloaded apps across the bottom of the screen. While the preloaded apps are easy to access, the TV will have to do double duty as a computer to go out and search for and download other apps. That process can be cumbersome and slow. And your smart TV was only as smart as it was when you brought it home! Without regular software updates, apps won’t work properly.

TVs of all ages can be used to stream content. Even older TVs can use adapters to install device managers. Each TV in your home will need a way to stream your applications (Smart TV or device manager).

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DIRECTV uses a satellite type of technology that provides digital television. It is one of the world's largest providers of digital entertainment. It also provides premium video using the most innovative and latest developed technology. The company's service is based off the use of broadcast satellite. Subscribers have access not to hundreds of channels and includes a tremendous number of HD channels as well.

The company uses a set of equipment including a satellite dish, a receiver and decoder, as well as a DIRECTV access card. This is significantly different from cable providers who use networks of cables to provide the services offered.

Numerous options exist and they change from time to time. Subscriptions provide users with access to the company's programming for a fee paid each month. Additional premium channels are available as add-ons.